Music, Variety, and thoughts on teaching

After taking such a long break from doing music, it’s so nice be back. As a music teacher I am constantly challenged to learn various genre’s of music in order to instruct my students on how to play it. I have never been much of a fan of hip hop music. In fact, I find a lot of it completely vulgar. Please, do not take offense to this, it’s merely my personal opinion. One of the things that makes music so awesome is the fact that there are so many different styles of communicating, just as their are languages. Some people understand, others don’t. If you don’t like something, you have the ability to simply change the station or not listen to it. When you’re a teacher and trying to make a connection with students, often times you find yourself making concessions in order to relate. Some teachers may not, but I certainly do. If a student is not enjoying what their doing, they tend to lose their interest in the instrument. I would not be an effective teacher if I didn’t listen to my students and make an attempt to teach them what they want to learn. Meeting students where they are is a great way to start. After I have them hooked, then we move on to some different things. Like introducing picking patterns on the guitar so songs such as, “Landslide by Fleetwood Mac”, or “Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen”. The student may not be interested in learning it until I’ve shown them the simplicity of a picking pattern for “Skyscraper by Demi Lovato”, or “Dancing Till the World Ends by Britney Spears”. It is my desire to teach kids what they want to learn while also incorporating what I love to teach. Many of the songs my students are wanting to learn are making their way into my own performance set lists. This gives my sets some variety and hopefully will keep my audiences wondering…”what’s she going to play now?”. Variety….oh how I love it.

Gorgeous Fall day


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The windows are all open in the house. Its overcast, which I happen to find delightful. I have been working on a piano arrangement of Regina Spektors song “Eet” most of the morning.
I have a little partner who took the liberty of climbing up my pants leg so he could curl up and sleep in my lap. Do you know how hard it is to play piano with a kitten in your lap? Its not easy to keep your legs in just the right position so he wont fall off. Lets see if I can post the picture I took from my phone……



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I cannot believe I am finally going to start getting this blog going again. I have been feverishly working on my website which encompasses my art, design, and music endeavors…as well as…working on getting this blog up and going again.
I created a banner for the blog…woohooo…something that I was sure I could do eventually and it ties in so nicely to the banner I created for my website.
I cannot guarantee that I will post everyday in this blog, but I sure am going to try to make use of it again…one way or another.

whiskey on kittens

whiskey on kittens

Originally uploaded by isfullofcrap

On facebook last night I posted this status update:

“singing….raindrops on roses and whiskey on kittens….”

I discovered the error before posting and chuckled to myself…while deciding to acknowledge the error and leave it on purpose. Cause it was funny.

Within moments…my good friend, Crap Mariner, had taken this picture and posted it in response to my typo.

Crap…you are one of a kind and I love ya!

Thanks for the laughs, my friend.

Check out his blog:

ARTathon Artworks and Special Presentation 8/30/09


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You are invited on Sunday August 30 at 2 pm slt to the official opening of the Artathon Artworks and special presentation.

Filthy Fluno, Winter Nightfire and Virtual Ability will host the official opening of The Artathon Artworks on Sunday, 2pm slt in the Avalon Arts District and present a check for over $1000 to Virtual Ability, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps make SL more accessible to people with disabilities and chronic illnesses (

The funds were raised by Filthy and Winter at the SLCC Artathon and auction August 13-16 in San Francisco, and the event will celebrate the collaboration of artists and non-profits inworld, illustrating the potential of art to raise awareness and funds for organizations in the virtual realm
Teleport to Location

Cylindrian Rutabaga to be performing at this event at 2pmSLT. Join us for the presentation and music.

Hematite Island Dancing at the Dock 7/25 2-4pmSLT


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Hematite Island – Shipwreck Cove is proud to bring you another Day

Dancin on the Dock..

Wear your best Pirate outfit

Live Performance: Saturday 7/25/2009

2:00 PM SL time: The Awesome Alex Parsons

3:00 PM SL time: The one and only Cylindrian Rutabaga

Come Jam to some great tunes and Dance your heart out..

Shop in The Great Dreamscape Market and Explore the Sim

Hematite Island-Dreamscape Shipwreck Cove

Second Life(tm) shows for 7/11-7/12


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Following are the show locations & times in both Pacific and Eastern Time Zones for Saturday and Sunday
For most concerts I use my own audio feed
You can listen to the broadcast without having to be in Second Life, BUT you’re missing out on the interactive & social experience. The best way to enjoy a show is to follow the links and join us “inworld”.
Whether you tune in inside or outside of Second Life, I ask that you please show your support for this artist by:
1. letting me know you tuned in & post some feedback
2. tell your friends about me by passing out links, suggesting me as a friend, joining the Grace Buford Music page on facebook
3. purchase my music by going to: Grace’s MySpace Page and follow the links for all three albums under the BIO section
4. if I’m performing in your area…come to shows…or help spread the word to people you know who live in the area of the show.

Thanks so much for listening. I hope to see you at the shows this weekend and in the future.

Saturday July 11th:
Jami and Mystikal’s Anniversary Party: 3pmPT/6pmET

Fire N Ice Gardens: 5pmPT/8pmET
*with possible guest Melinda Kingsley*

Monnacy: 7pmPT-7:30pmPT/10pmET-10:30pmET
*with possible guest Melinda Kingsley*

Sunday July 12th:
Avilion Mist: 1pmPT/4pmET

Serendipity: 6pmPT/9pmET

Aaron Zimmer is hittin’ the road

Thanks to an incredible outpouring of support this DIY Artist will be back on the road for his summer tour.
Here’s what he had to say on his blog:
“05.21.09: HELP!!!!!!! UPDATE!
I am floored. The thought that my stupid little life is of any importance to you has been a humbling experience today.

In just one half of a Thursday, you gave all of the money needed to fix my old van’s tranny and keep it’s maiden tour on the books. YOU did that for me, I don’t deserve it, and I cannot thank you enough.

I have everyone’s contact info. I cannot wait to see you in your town, and start repaying all those hugs I owe. That’s a debt I am so happy to repay.

From the bottom of my heart…..thank you.”

Congratulations to Aaron Zimmer.Ā  IĀ  am moved by the response he received in regards to his circumstance and just felt like sharing it with the readers of my blog.
Be sure to visit his site for his tour schedule, purchase his music, & read his blog: