Thanks to an incredible outpouring of support this DIY Artist will be back on the road for his summer tour.
Here’s what he had to say on his blog:
“05.21.09: HELP!!!!!!! UPDATE!
I am floored. The thought that my stupid little life is of any importance to you has been a humbling experience today.

In just one half of a Thursday, you gave all of the money needed to fix my old van’s tranny and keep it’s maiden tour on the books. YOU did that for me, I don’t deserve it, and I cannot thank you enough.

I have everyone’s contact info. I cannot wait to see you in your town, and start repaying all those hugs I owe. That’s a debt I am so happy to repay.

From the bottom of my heart…..thank you.”

Congratulations to Aaron Zimmer.  I  am moved by the response he received in regards to his circumstance and just felt like sharing it with the readers of my blog.
Be sure to visit his site for his tour schedule, purchase his music, & read his blog: