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The RedLight Cafe
553 Amsterdam Avenue
Atlanta, GA
Tix $7

Beth and I have had a wonderful time together over the past 11 days. I’m saddened that the time for her to return to Dallas, TX has come so soon.
Tonight will be your last opportunity to see us together. We’ve been rehearsing and preparing for a different kind of stage show.
We hope you’ve enjoyed the various Second Life shows we’ve done and hope that some of those shows are able to translate into some people coming to the live physical show in Atlanta.
We need you to help us get the word out to friends/family in the metro Atlanta Area. If you so happen to be here, then that makes it all the better. My last show at the RedLight Cafe surprised me with a number of SL Residents in attendance, including SL Musician, Moxy Barracuda. wahoo!! It rocked and he’s super nice too.

Can’t wait to see you tonight!!!
**This is also my last show in Atlanta until June 20th…I need time to write & create new material so I am taking a break from performing**

See you later, folks!!