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i really wish that i could instantly add more hours in the day.
for those who may be possibly reading this, let me know if you do please, i just wanted to post here some of the projects i’ve been working on.
real life in the atlanta music scene:
i have been involved with a group in atlanta for a year now called The Atlanta Chapter of GoGirls Music. this has been an incredible experience for me and other musicians as well. we have shared gigs, supported one another, developed friendships, and collaborated on various occasions.
one such collaboration is between myself and the melinda kingsley band. last weekend 1/23/09, melinda came over to rehearse with me. we had a fantastic time and after running through some songs, we invited some folks over to my artropolis home inSL to listen to us rehearsing some more, goofing off, and basically introducing Melinda to Second Life(tm).
consequently, she has now officially joined SL. hahhaha…awesome, I think. if you want to friend her, toss her some freebies, and help me help her get setup performing…you can find her under the name: mel India
i’m so excited to have this friendship with melinda and even more excited to have her joining SL. thanks to all the folks who were present during our rehearsal last friday.
if you have pictures from it, please post it to my flickr group.

oh shoot…i have to go already. time to transport children to prospective homes and then teach.

i’ll be performing tonight at The Adobe eLearning Center at 7pmSLT/10pmET. if you’d like to join us…you can find the SLurl on my Cylindrian Google Calendar which is linked in my SCHEDULE page here in the blog.

hope to be a bit better at keeping up with this….really i do.

take care….my 2 readers. 😀