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On Tuesday, Oct 28th I’ll be participating in the Orange Island Music Festival along with 5 other acts. What sets this apart from other virtual Music Festivals is Orange Islands’ innovative way of presenting the artists. Each artist is “sponsored” by a venue which will be represented at the Orange Island venue. As each sponsored act takes their place on stage, the entire venue will transform into a replica of the venue sponsoring them. For example, Frogg and Jaycatt are sponsored by Luskwood and the Orange Island venue will transform into a replica of the Furry Community Luskwood. Kinda neato, eh?
I am sponsored by the Elven Medieval Community of Avilion Isle. YAY! So, come by on Tuesday and stick around for all the changes. The concerts start at 2pmSLT(my set is at 3pmSLT) at Orange Island: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orange%20Island%203/127/132/21
Contact Jade Lily inworld for more information.

The Avilion Isle build is GORGEOUS!!! Cant’ wait to be a part of this event tonight