The REAL Cylindrian (Grace Buford) performs TONIGHT
Tues 9/30
6pmEastern/3pmSLT at
The Last Great Watering Hole
4341 Hugh Howell Rd
Tucker, GA 30084

**if you are near the area…please come out on your way home from work. 😉 it IS Happy Hour.*

Opening the Uncle Verge Overdrive Happy Hour on Dirty South TV.
To watch, simply go to the website: and select either the link for the Uncle Verge Overdrive Happy Hour or the LIVE TV link.
This is the only show airing tonight.

This is LIVE TV so, it may not start exactly on time. Please refresh your screens until you see it start. (I cannot even arrive to load in till 5:45pmET…15 mins to set up and sound check?? eep!)
So, if you don’t see it broadcasting RIGHT away…don’t give up!

How can you be involved???
CHATROOM…weeeehoooo!!! There is a chatroom affiliated with Dirty South TV…just click on LIVE VIDEO CHAT….no you don’t have to have a webcam…the text chat is down below. You should still be able to log in and text chat.

FEEDBACK….oh my goodness…this is so vitally important. I NEED YOU ALL!!
No, I’m not lonely and desperate…just in need of folks to share their thoughts and feelings on these live events. You can help me so much by spreading the word about my music and by contacting these places that I perform at…you can contact Dirty South TV through MySpace: Let “G” (the owner) know that you watched the program with Grace Buford on it and you thought it was FANTASTICALLY INCREDIBLE. (insert your own words though…that way its authentic…but you know what I mean) 😉

I know I have been playing music in SecondLife and metro Atlanta for a long time…but FEEDBACK is so important to all musicians/artists. The places we perform at WANT to know how audiences feel about their experience. They want to know that people enjoyed the performers…performers need THEM to know they were enjoyed…so…I suppose you either show that by TELLING them or by spending lots of money in their establishment?? Either way…feedback…VERY VERY important.

Thank you in advance for tuning in tonight. Thank goodness I was able to find the fuel to drive to the venue tonight too…phew…no gas in Georgia. Thank you for all the words of support…and most of all…THANK YOU for listening and being such active participants on this journey.

I love and appreciate all of you….and wouldn’t still be able to do this if not for the support of my SecondLife group, FaceBook, MySpace and Reverbnation friends..

You all ROCK my socks off!!!
Let me know if you watched by posting onto my Facebook (search for Grace Buford) and Myspace pages: or ReverbNation:
Be blessed and have fun tonight watching.

**All of my recorded music can be purchased on iTunes through: and