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Its about TIME!!
I released this album back in March when I went to San Francisco to perform with Keiko Takamura and Melanie Keller at The Rock-It Room. At the time I only printed 100 copies. Since then I have only 1 remaining physical copy left. Which I have up for a silent auction on MySpace. (I am in desperate need of a laptop that isn’t falling apart. *sighs* My music isn’t valued THAT high….yet…here’s hopin’…but I’m saving my pennies as I can).

At any rate…I just found out today that Cylindrian: Virtually Live is NOW available for download on iTunes and Amazon through this Songcast link below. If you’d like to get the downloadable version, please stop by. Its there waiting for you. It contains some previously unreleased songs and all were recorded LIVE during SecondLife(tm) shows.  ENJOY!!!! wheeeeeee!!!