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View of the conservatory

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**Here is a place that I will be playing today (Sept. 12th) at 2pmSLT: Helene Sautereau contacted me about this place. Stop by when you have the opportunity or contact her inSL for a tour. Below is information about the conservatory and the land surrounding it.**

“The Conservatory on Ballymore

Welcome to the newly redesigned Conservatory on Isle of Ballymore. We are a cultural and performing arts venue. Please visit anytime and look around. If you would like to be notified of upcoming events, please join Friends Of The Conservatory by touching the Welcome Sign to the right.


Celestial Pond, a beautiful and relaxing spot. Please set your viewer to Midnight and turn on the music for an etheral moment or moments.

The Conservatory, the upper level is for performing musical arts and dancing. Most all of our events are charity for The American Cancer Society and The Association For International Cancer Research. The lower level is for meetings and relaxing.

Art Garden, On display is work by some of SL’s finest artists. Feel free to purchase works that you appreciate.

We are in the process of building a world-class open-air theatre for ballet and plays.

All of our events are free and we never charge a fee for use of our facilities. If you are interested in using the Conservatory for your cultural event or group, please contact Helene Sautereau, Events Manager.

Thank you

Noel/Jewell Properties”

**I am looking forward to seeing you at the show this afternoon. Euro-friendly time zone…hooray!!**