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You never know what kind of response a simple little comment made during a show will illicit. Crap Mariner is by far one of the most creative avatars I’ve met on my journey through  Second Life.

Wednesday night at Blue Fusion, I was performing my original song, Phoenix Rising. which is based on my own experience with stage fright, insecurity, and depression that kept me from performing music in public for over 10 years.
It was not until the passion for music consumed those things that kept me from doing what I longed to do…which is what I am making happen now. I still fight that battle…but I won’t let it keep me from pressing on.
There’s one section of the song, in my head, I hear carnival sounds or a hurdy gurdy-esque instrument playing…I happened to mention it during one of my broadcasts in Second Life(tm) and sure enough…Crap Mariner changed his robot avatar into a Monkey. You never know what kind of response you’ll get from a simple comment during a show…LOVE IT!! Stop by his blog to SEE the pic!! FUNNY stuff right thar!

Crap Mariner’s “Monkey Mafia”