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Greetings to my few readers…thank you for collecting the feed for this blog!

Currently I am in New England prepping for my set at the Mambo Grill in Lowell, MA on July 26th @ 5pm. This is a part of the Lowell Folk Festival which is taking place this weekend in …you guessed it…Lowell Massachusettes. Being that its cheaper to fly Tue and Wed, I arrived a few days early and have been spending time touring the area of coastal Maine. I went by the town my mother grew up in, Kennebunk. It was there that I called her (many of you know that she fell 5 weeks ago breaking both of her legs at the ankles and has just recently begun taking small steps with her walker using only one of her legs. She’s recovering great, but it impeded her from coming on this trip with me like she wanted too) and took her on a “tour” of her childhood home via cell phone and video cam. The woman who was at the home was extremely sweet to allow me to come inside and shoot video.

I am editing the footage from her home and hopefully it will delight her greatly to see it.

I then drove through Kennebunk Port and visited another home of hers where I met a sweet woman vacationing in the “Carriage House” from Montreal. (her name was louise) One of the things that amazed me in talking with my mom about that house (which was MASSIVE) was that they only lived in the back portion of the house because they couldn’t afford to heat the front portion of the house. How interesting is that!? I took some pictures of the outside because the owner of the home wasn’t there at the time, but Louise was kind enough to talk to me regardless and told me about the carriage house that she and her husband rent every summer to vacation there. The Carriage House used to be a barn that my mother and uncle played in as children.

After that visit, I went to Walker Point and watched the water dance on the rocks for a while. This was really beautiful.

**I thought that I brought the cable to take data from my phone and put it on the computer, but alas…I left that crucial piece of equipment at home in Atlanta. grrr. So the footage from these excursions will have to wait till I get back.**

Don’t forget:

SATURDAY July 26th: MAMBO GRILL STAGE in Lowell, MA part of the Lowell Folk Festival from 5-8pmEST.

I WILL be broadcasting this event. Just a few things I need from folks inworld to set up for it: hosts…i need some people to help TP folks and get the word out about what’s going on. Also, I plan on having a webcam present at the event too. Currently updating drivers and such so that I don’t have the “washed out” problem i had last time I used it at Sweetwater Brewing Company. So…if any folks from SL are going to be present at the REAL LIFE show…would you be interested in helping me moniter the stream and webcam into Ustream?

Ustream Link: http://ustream.tv/channel/cylindrian-grace-live

e-mail me your interest: gfolkymusic@gmail.com i’ll toss ya’ my digits and we can chat on the phone to arrange things.

Also, Sunday July 27th: I’ll be broadcasting from Tyngsboro, MA to Avilion Isle. That’ll be a lot of fun too! I have to go for now…but keep watching for footage from this excursion to New England.

Thanks for reading!! Thanks for purchasing CDs!! Thanks for assisting me in the many various ways that you all do!! It means the world to me and I am so thankful! (did i mention i was thankful? ;))

See ya’ soon!!!

~cyl in new england~