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Its so great to be getting back into the “swing” of things after being away for a few weeks. My mother is recovering from her injuries nicely. (for those who didn’t know this, she fell a few weeks ago and broke both of her legs at the ankles) While I was away in Delaware and Pennsylvania, many people from her church, my friends, and her friends, and extended family have been helping her and my step-dad. Its been so wonderful to see such an outpouring of love and care from individuals during this time. She will be unable to walk on her own for a number of weeks yet and still faces one more surgery (at least). But her spirits are very high and her determination is great as well. Thank you to all of you who have sent her e-mails of encouragement (even though she cannot climb the stairs to get to her computer, I relay every one of them to her that come in to me)

Performances this week:

Monday July 7th: 6pmSLT/9pmEST: with Juel Resistance at 5pmSLT/8pmEST at Music Island at The MAX


Tuesday July 8th: 7pmSLT/10pmEST: with Charles Coleman at 6pmSLT/9pmEST at Gwampa's Pajama Party
**Location TBA**

Wednesday July 9th: 6pmSLT/9pmEST: at Kavarna 707 E Lake Drive Decatur, GA
along with the Atlanta GoGirls Elite Members: 
**meeting starts at 7:30pm with music by various artists starting at 8pm. 
I will be broadcasting this event onto my parcel on Artropolis if i can get the connection**

Thursday July 10th: 2pmSLT/5pmEST: Rhapsody Isle

Friday July 11th: 1pmSLT/4pmEST: Tribute Island
Cylindrian pays tribute to songbird, Eva Cassidy:
read the blog post about Louis Volare's Tribute to John Lennon

Saturday July 12th:
Career Builder Sim Party

Gracie Kendal's Exhibit Closing Party at Blue Fusion Gallery

Sunday July 13th:
Avilion Isle's Valinor Stage

Cylindrian performs Live at
The East Point Corner Tavern
2783 Main St
East Point, GA 30344
(404) 768-0007


So there you have it Folks. My schedule for this week. 
If you live in the Metro Atlanta Area,
I would love to meet you in person and have you at some of the live shows coming up.

I am performing in Atlanta: Thursday July 17th: 9pmEST  
The Atlanta Room of Smith's Olde Bar
http://smithsoldebar.com Tickets are $7.00 at the door
please specify you are there to see me.
I'll have special CDs for purchase as well as some Key chains and of course my River CD
with the "NEW" packaging.
Hope you can make it!!
Please spread the word around...and if by some chance you have some ideas on how 
to get the word out about shows in SL and in RL...lets work together to make it happen. 
I still haven't hired an assistant to work with me...as I've just been too swamped 
and the income just isn't there to fund a paying position...yet.
One day, maybe. For now...its still a "grass roots" operation.
Thank you to all of you who have been continuously incredibly supportive. 
Its exhausting, I know...but
you all are imperative to the success of indepedent musicians ability 
to continue making music.
Much love to you all who read this!
Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to stay "abreast" of the happenings/appearances 
of this indie musician both in the virtual world and the real world.


Here's an update on the sites you can find me on the web: 
Subscribe to my mailing list: 
Myspace: to order CDs direct from me 
The Sixty One: to listen to music and "vote" for it
That'll get ya' started at least. Have fun and thanks for reading! :)