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The woman behind the avatar is still up in the Newark, DE area with my aunt and uncle. I performed at their church this afternoon for their congregation and along with the children who attended their Vacation Bible School. It was a lot of fun. The folks at their church are really genuine and sweet. If you live in the Newark, DE area, check out Ebenezer United Methodist Church…a super nice group of people and very inviting. Tom Manchester got my sound just right and made it so easy to hear and was so wonderful to work with. The children, naturally, were adorable and their parents seemed to totally dig my tunes. I sold some CDs and keychains…which was ultra-fab. I’ll be performing again Sunday at their two services with the kids, that’ll be fun.
Afterwards, my aunt and uncle took me to dinner at an Italian Cafe called: Cafe Scalessa’s where I had Gorganzola Gnocchi…it was quite yummy and very filling. We enjoyed our meals and headed out the scenic route to Pennsylvania…to Longwood Gardens. Upon arriving we noticed a very large crowd of nicely dressed people walking in and the parking lot was full. We parked, walked in to discover that the Philadelphia Orchestra was performing in the Gardens that night, the first time they’ve played since 1940. How’s that for a great surprise!? It was an incredible concert filled with Bernstein, Rachmoninoff, Musorgsky, Gershwin, and Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky and an encore of Stars and Stripes with lighted fountains and FIREWORKS!!! Oh what a NIGHT!!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this time with my Aunt and Uncle…what a wonderful working-get-a-way.

Tomorrow after church I say good-bye to my relatives and hello to an old friend I grew up with who lives in Lancaster, PA. I’ll stay with her Sunday and Monday nights and hopefully find a couple of places to play in that area…or I’ll just simply relax and enjoy some time with my friend whom I never get to see.

Plans for the Boston trip the end of July are progressing. Looking forward to some appearances there…stay tuned for mixed reality events there and more adventures with Filthy Fluno.

Hope all is well with you, my couple of readers…Don’t be afraid to look for some adventures! You never know what you might find.