my official opinion is….i have no opinion…print that.

What’s the purpose of having an opinion anyways…if you see things black and white folks want you to see it grey…I happen to look at life through sunflower colored glasses with a few smudge marks on them…but nonetheless…I tend to take a “Pollyanna-esque” look at life…find things to be glad about. I’m not one for following the herd…I just do my thing.
You don’t really want my opinion, you just want to me to state something so others can rebut-post-but-and-kick-butt…I’m not interested in fueling that fire. Someone else can fight it out…and I’ll just scale back with my popcorn and watch the entertainment all the while continuing to do my own thing for as long as I can.
Maybe that’s not a real healthy approach at things, but frankly I’m to busy trying to make a better life for me, my kids, and those I come in contact with to bother myself with meaningless debates over issues that have no quick solution and no one is really open to a solution anyways.
Its been said, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one” and my opinion…is I have one…I’m just not so open to exposing mine to the world.
Not sure why I’m even typing this to begin with…except that my blog was looking rather empty aside from gig notices…so I thought I’d add something slightly off-kilter…I only have 2 readers anyways…and you both know me well…thanks for reading. šŸ˜€ wheee!