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TONIGHT: 10pmEST MTV’s True Life
Those of you who’ve been following me for a while in Second Life already know about this because many of you were present during some of the filming that took place in San Francisco back in March 2008….but for those just joining this following…you may not know. Here’s the low-down: Takamura Keiko in SL who goes by Keiko Takamura is (Amy Te in real life) a musician from San Francisco that has been playing music in Second Life(tm) for the same amount of time as I have. She was featured on a newsreel from MTV two years ago and in February began filming for MTV’s True Life episode entitled: I Live Another Life on the Web. During filming she mentioned me as one of her mentors in music. MTV contacted me and we filmed a few discussions between Keiko and myself in Second Life as our avatars and real life footage while I was in San Francisco. Including some scenes during the concert we did at The Rock-It Room. This was a great experience for me personally.
At any rate…the episode is airing tonight at 10pmEST on MTV. Unfortunately, being an Indie Musician and Music Instructor…I have no money for Cable TV. hahahaha…where’s my “patron of the arts”?
SOoooooooo…I’m asking my avid blog readers…please check out this episode…Keiko is an amazing songwriter…a real talent and down to earth sweetheart of a person. The world of music is moving and shaking for her…so jump on board and check her out. And let me know how the episode is.
(I hope my hair looks good…screw the music its all about the hair baby)

**you do know I’m kidding about the hair, right? i’m really not that vain…all the time**

Thanks for listening to the music…thanks for being such a great group of people…and remember to TELL YOUR FRIENDS about the music!!
I have CDs for sale on my MySpace page…just pop by and pick up your copy or copies if you want to purchase them as gifts. I’ll personalize them for you with whatever message you want me to say. 😉 *within reason*

Love to you all
~grace/cylindrian inSL~