Greetings from Tyngsborough, Mass outside of Boston.

Here’s the low-down of what’s going on for all of you who are in the area or planning on coming to the Opening Saturday night.

Friday, April 25th: 2pm-whenever: We will be at the Gallery setting up the sound equipment, listening to music, sweeping, getting tables set, testing the video/audio stream, and shhh…martini’s will be served thanks to Angus (Holli Hollwood’s husband).

We would like to invite all of you who are in town or might not be able to make it to the actual opening to come by and spend the evening with us. This will be chill-laid-back-enjoy time!

Filthy’s counterpART Gallery 128 Merrimack Street Lowell, MA

**Map to the location in the link above**

Saturday, April 26th: THE GRANDE OPENING…GRANDE!!! Super mega ultra Grande!!!!

This starts at 7:30pm! We are expecting a nice turn out. Read the above flyer to see all the festivities and events taking place. (SL Location embedded in the picture above…just cleeeeek eeet!!)

I have special CD packages available for purchase ($30) which include a brown paper bag with original artwork on the front, 2 CDs: Cylindrian: Virtually Live and the newly repackaged Grace Buford: River. A handmade keychain…made with love from my mom (Cyrcyulyon Pigeon in SL), a button, sticker, and other goodies.

So join us today if you are able…just pop on by and sit a spell. The doors will be open and we look forward to meeting you and getting the chance to hang out and enjoy the “fusion” of virtual and reality.