Wednesday nights Blue Fusion hosts:

Keiko Takamura: 6pmSLT

Cylindrian Rutabaga 7pmSLT

Juel Resistance 8pmSLT

***You can order CD’s Direct from the Artists from their Websites***

We’re getting ready to Rock YOU! Folk YOU! Blues YOU! and ROLL YOU!! We’d like to invite you to bring some friends that maybe haven’t heard of Live Music before….who can bring the most friends tonight to Blue Fusion?? I’d like to challenge you…go to the Welcome Center of SL and start friending and teleporting NOOBS!!! Lets get people educated about the ART and MUSIC side of Second Life(tm). This is where I think a lot of people completely miss the bigger picture…SL is full of creativity of all types. Lets expose some of these new people to Art and Music at the Lakehouse on Blue Fusion tonight. Just follow the SLurl by clicking on the PICTURE BELOW and once there…look behind you at the sign…right click on #6…that will take you to THE LAKEHOUSE of Blue Fusion right next to Artropolis. That is where we’ll be performing tonight.

The Lakehouse of Blue fusion

The Lakehouse where Keiko, Juel, and I are performing

Blue Fusion's Navigation  Sign

The Navigation Sign on Blue Fusion: Right Click on 6 to TP to the Lakehouse.

**Special thanks to Holli Hollwood, Fricker Fracker, Damon Hitchcock, Faerie Mcarie, Chad Swanson, and the rest of the Blue Fusion STAFF. You all make this one of my favourite CLUB VENUES in all of SL!**

Also…feel free to travel around the island and even to the neighboring island (Where I reside in SL) Artropolis! This is a wonderful dual community: Artropolis and Blue Fusion!! Check ’em both out as you have time and stop by my parcel to leave me a message on my board. I like to know people pop in to look at my junk. (yes, I am a slob)