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Well…I have the answer direct from the avatars text: (Thanks Lisa!!)

Hi Cylindrian! Looking forward to the show tonight!

I wanted to tell you a little more about Wishfest since you were asking
about it, and, well, it’s not exactly obvious what’s goin on over there on

The idea is something we came up with a couple weekends ago called a
“Flash Festival.” Similar to the Flash Mobs of Real Life,
a Flash Festival is an ad hoc DIY combination of music, dance, film and
art festivals all in one — for as long as it lasts!

We asked ourselves: “What if we made a big art installation, with a main
floor, three stages, and also an underground cavernous area (The Rabbit
Hole), where anyone could stake out a little area and set up a display.

Then we thought we’d take it a step further: what if we set up each stage
with it’s own media url, and each with its own set of video screens, and
wrote some code to enable anyone that belonged to our “Wishfest
Performers” group to jump on stage, load in their stream, and just start

If all your friends sign up for the “Wishfest 1.0” group – you can send a
notice to them to let them know you’re onstage and playing (or in advance
to let them know when you will be going on.

Yes film makers, djs, and video artists, you can invite some friends and
load in your pre-existing video/media streams, if you wish. It will work
fine! Have a party – Throw a Rave! This island should be able to hold a
lot of people. We made it sturdy with lots of Wishfarmer love.

So teleport
to Wishfest on Solaris II
and check out Cylindrian at 7pm, April 10,
2008 — to kind of kick of this first of its kind “Flash Festival” —
courtesy of Wishfarmer Somatika
, who whipped this island up on a Saturday afternoon, after a
brainstorming session with myself and Wishfarmer Gary Bukowski.

If anyone has any questions, or tech issues, comments or ANYTHING – IM
Haley Bailey in world or email Haley Bailey/Lisa Rein at