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Hey there…WISHFEST 1.0 on one of the coolest and oddest locations EVER!!

I have been falling into the rabbit hole all day today and loving it. The artwork on display so far is really quite cool and I can’t help but feel like I’ve entered the world of TRON in this place.

Thanks to Haley Bailey (read her blog by clicking on her name) for setting this Art and Music Fest up!

Join me Thursday night April 10th 7pmSLT for some music amid the grid on Solaris II.



If you’d like to perform, just drop me, Haley Bailey, an IM, and I’ll send you an invite to be in the “Wishfest Performers” group.

Then you can jump on stage and type “/777” + the url of your stream.

You will be piped in to the sound system and are free to perform LIVE!

**FYI this sim is directly next to the sim where Angel Dorei Museum is located where I played the Autism Experience on Monday night. Quite cool how all these places are so nearby.**