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Tonight: April 7th: 5pmSLT I’ll be performing at this event. Please just click the picture to teleport to the location. I am debuting two songs inspired directly from Mariposa’s personal experiences raising an autistic child. The songs are entitled:

  • Your Mind is a Labyrinth
  • Embracing the Tapestry

autism experience

From Mariposa Upshaw of Angel Dorei Museum:

To fully and accurately describe the experience of autism would be nearly impossible..but i urge you to view the new exhibition at Angel Dorei and see the interpretations thru art by Ro Gastel, Blue Tsuki, Elros Tumominen, Esch Snoats, Filthy Fluno, Gracie Kendal, Ianlee Patton, Michelle Babii, Calli Chirstensen, Elorian Ayres,  Charlot Dickens, Enali Haller, Sarah Graff and Cheen Pitney – more works by more artists will be added.
Musical Events/Benefit performances:
Monday   April 7 5sl  – Cylindrian Rutagaga
Monday April  14 2&3 SL – Mash Rhode and Jace Collins
Monday April 21 – to be announced
Auction Sunday  April 27th – all proceeds from auction and donations will benefit SL sims/groups Brigadoon Explorers – Dreams Sim,  Virtual Ability, Inc./Heron Sanctuary and the Autistic Liberation Front  – Autism Museum.
These groups provide support, a safe haven, education and  technological assistance to residents on the autiism spectrum.

This show is dedicated to my  RL son, in world Algernon Kardex, an aspie, who is my inspiration in so many ways, and to all the unique individuals on the autism spectrum.