After meeting Holli Hollwood in San Francisco, I became inspired to do more than perform in the Blue Fusion Club itself. There is so much more the Blue Fusion Sim than the club. She took me on a brief tour of the island and we found the perfect place for tonights’ shows.

Tonight Juel and I will be set up to perform at the: Passion Caves and Love Grotto

The view is beautiful from up there. If draw distance is far enough out, you can see Blue Fusion Club in the distance as well as the rolling hills of Artropolis.

Not only are Artropolis and Blue Fusion neighbors, which I love since I reside on Artropolis at Cylindrian’s Joint, pop by when you have a chance and leave a note on my board or pick up your free Earth Day Necklace by Ding! Designs, or hangout looking at artwork on my walls…or just exploring the island. What makes this special is the symbiotic relationship between the two sims. Blue Fusions’ gallery features many Artropolis residents’ artwork. Artropolis is where they have their studios set up and the Fusion is where they share their art in a more collaborative space. Check out the galleries when you have a chance and then take the boat to Artropolis and meet the artists themselves at their Studios.

The Passion Cave and Love Grotto Stage Area is set up on top of the caves over a large waterfall. Its very natural looking, which for me being a nature girl…I absolutely love and feel most comfortable. I enjoy playing music outdoors…even in a virtual world. Maybe one day I can play music in space in a space suit made out of some of Filthy Fluno’s Artwork and float over the audience with jetpacks and particles. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! (for me it would at least)

I suppose the space theme doesn’t really fit with my style of music…but who knows…maybe that will change. We artists get bored sometimes and require change to keep the creative juices flowing.

So come by the Passion Caves and Love Grotto on Blue Fusion TONIGHT: 7pmSLT and stay to hear Juel at 8pmSLT.  (if you teleport in by the Fusion Club…there are teleporters available to take you to the Passion Caves. Hosts will be on hand to help direct you should you get lost)

It’ll be a good time had by all.

Look forward to seeing you tonight!