Wednesday March 12th at The Rock-It Room 406 Clement Street, San Francisco CA

8:30-midnight tickets $7.00 at the door

Keiko Takamura, Cylindrian Rutabaga, and Melanie Keller.

Hopefully we’ll have gig flyers up soon. We will need you to spread the word, get your friends there…we WILL be broadcasting this audio and hopefully some video into SL at Blue Fusion. We will also have SL on a projector at the venue so you can be seen. 😉 This will be FUN!

STILL NEEDED: **ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO! Rake Roux came through for us and has us a PA System to use for the whole weekend!!! Y’all send him IMs of  “way to go!”…THANK YOU RAKE!!!**

PA System for 3 nights at Central Perk in El Cerrito, CA

We’ve had some offers of amps…but here’s the real need (Rake Roux is making some contacts about this, if you have any information or access to a PA that we could use, please contact him ASAP)

Mixer (with a line-out so we can broadcast)

2 12” speakers with stands

all the appropriate cords

We already have 2 micrphones with cords and stands…so no need for those.

Thanks y’all and I look forward to meeting some of you in San Francisco!!!