…creativity…entertainment…distraction…where does one find a good and trustworthy assistant?

Here’s what characteristics I am looking for in a Personal Assistant/Public Relations Manager/Team of Individuals:

* driven
* self-motivated
* trustworthy (NO roleplaying managers please and I am NOT interested in internet dating at all nor am I interested in someone who wants to “play manager”.)
* familiar with the music industry
* highly skilled at writing: for press releases, advertising, biographies, blogging
* skilled at Advertising and Marketing
* ability to update websites
* creatively open minded
* focuses on a task at hand until completion
* must be able to follow through and do what you say you will do

Duties will include:

* Assisting me with keeping up my schedule: records of venues, venues owners or contacts, time and places of performances by updating my Calendar in SL to match my Google Calendar and getting the SL Calendar distributed. (currently working on a way to tie in the google calendar to subscribers so they get a notice inworld of performances with a SLurl..that way they do not need to use up a group to get my notices)
* Writing the notices of performances to send out to my spam group (notices should read like a mini-press release)
* Assisting me with coming up with ideas on performances and how to keep things fresh and new:swag ideas, scripting ideas (not responsible for fulfilling the ideas,but any contacts with builders and scripters would be cool)
* Advertising: really need help with this one:writing Press Releases for shows
* Marketing: this is a must do as well

This is a paying position (to be discussed). There will be a 30 day trial period and if other references could be given I would love to see them. Trainin will be provided.
Ultimately I would prefer a team of people to make the job a lot better as well. We will be required to have weekly meetings to discuss the performances, follow-up with venue owners, creative ideas, etc. The main thing is, I need some folks that are dependable, as this effects my real life business. If you are not able to commit, then you need not apply.

Please send all inquiries to: gfolkymusic@gmail.com with ‘Cylindrian PR Team Applicant’ in the subject line.

There are a lot of companies in SL that represent a lot of artists. I need a group to represent me and not have their time spread out amongst a lot of other musicians. I prefer one on one contact. This may be a bad idea to some, but I need me a Jerry Maguire personality…a representative who is as invested in me as I am in my passion for what I do for a living in the real world.

**Please comment below if you’d be interested in helping out as well as send me an e-mail: gfolkymusic@gmail.com . It would help me to have responses in both places. Thanks so much!!**