Angel Dorei Museum presents A Celebration of Women – An exhibition of works by some of the most talented women artists in SL.  This show is presented in support of The Making Stides Group /ACS – breast cancer awareness, education.  The Exhibition will run thu the month of February.  Please join us and celebrate, Art, Talent, Hope and Life.

Exhibiting Artists:
Callipygian Chistensen
Gracie Kendal
Jazz Calhern
Artistic Fimicoloud
Lilith VanAlten
Shoshana Epsilon
Stella Costello
Sarah Graff
Isolde Flamand
Taelea Takashi
Treb Larkham
Annelies Fratica
Indigo Mougin

and the artists of Amatsu Okiya
Suzanne Logan, Okasan
Emeriselle Theas
Pomona Writer
Eua Uriza
Toksuki Lungu
and Dorei Amari Gable

About The Making Strides Group:
Supporting the American Cancer Society’s unique mission to fight cancer on four fronts: research, education, advocacy, and patient services. As the nation’s largest nongovernmental breast cancer research supporter, the American Cancer Society has invested more than $290 million since 1972 to give those touched by breast cancer more reasons for hope. When you get involved in Making Strides, you help ensure progress against breast cancer continues… saving lives!  Please contact Synergy Devonshire for more information.

Donation kiosks and gift bags with more information available at Angel Dorei.