The following is what was left on the Schedule section of my blog:

“I love your music and I’ve loved just about every SL show of yours that I”ve caught but I’m puzzled as to why you did the Fusion show on the 13th with your Avi looking like it did? . Any connection with Valentine’s Day was lost on me and while the music is far more the reason you get a crowd than how your Avatar looks you would, to my way of thinking, owe your fans some visual style as well when in concert. It wasn’t there at the Fusion gig and I felt disappointed at that. Purely a personal opinion for whatever thats’ worth”

I DID manage to find a picture of how my avatar looked during this show…thank you to Crap Mariner for posting this on the Flickr Site. Take a look at it and read my response below.

Cyllindrian at Blue Fusion Valentine's Day 1

The Blue Fusion Pre-Valentine’s Show “look” to Cylindrian was purely meant as something out of the ordinary and I found it rather amusing to dress her up differently. If you take a moment and look through the Flickr Fan Site…you’ll see that my avatar changes all the time. This show was no different in that regard. I wanted to make her look more cupid-esque and to my eyes she did…apparently we see things differently. I found it funny. But my sense of humor gets lost sometimes. It’s a shame that the appearance of my avatar has such a negative effect on listeners. I thought the music was more important…and the visual aspect of it was not important.

Let me ask you readers this…would you prefer me to be more conservative on the dressing of my avatar? Would you prefer me to find one look and just stick with it or do you mind that I change the way she looks all the time?

I personally get bored with my avatar if I don’t modify things. Same thing with my parcel on Artropolis…I change it all the time. Its just the way I’m wired…just like changing my songs all the time. I have to keep things changing and moving otherwise, I lose interest.

So what are your thoughts… two readers? Is what my avatar looks like important to maintain a listener base? Should I refrain from modifying my avatar to keep people coming and listening to my music?

I am very pleased that this person felt so passionate about this subject that they posted it on my blog. I thank you for doing that and I really hope that this response opens up some dialogue…because I find this subject very fascinating.

Thank you CB…whoever you are. Comment back please. I’d really like to know your thoughts.

**on a side note…I wonder if Komuso gets comments like this…and what would happen if he changed his avatar from a cyborg into a human?**