I am playing at Blue Fusion on Feb. 13th: 6pmSLT followed by Juel Resistance at 7pmSLT

This is the night before Valentine’s Day and I was thinking that it’d be a lot of fun to do a special show that involves YOU…the listener.

Do you have someone special that you’d like to dedicate a song to and is there any particular song that you’d like me to play for them?

Please let me know TONIGHT or in the morning…so I have time to learn it if I don’t know it already. Simply put your request onto a notecard and drop it into the Valentine Box on my parcel on Artropolis.

If there is something that you’d like me to say on the mic, I’d love to do that for you as well. (and if you’d like to remain anonymous…secret admirer, unrequited love…be sure to communicate that to me and I’ll respect your privacy)

Thanks y’all…I am really looking forward to tomorrow nights show!!



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View Grace Buford's EPK
View Grace Buford’s EPK
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