This Flickr group Cylindrian Rutabaga Fan Club on Flickr is really GREAT! I love looking at all the photo’s you have been posting everyone! If you haven’t joined it yet or posted, please do. It’s so much fun to look through them and remember certain happenings and the way my avatar has changed over the past two years. As you can see…I get bored and have to change her look quite a bit. 😉

Check the right side of the blog site to link to the Flickr Site and join the Group and get posting and commenting…its FUN!

THANKS so much again to Crap Mariner for setting it up for me.

Please Don’t Forget to Create a Free Listener Account, Listen and Bump Grace’s and other musicians music on TheSixtyOne!

Musicians…get your music posted and let me know your links!! This site is really cool and I’ve discovered some incredible artists!