Well…the official ax came down this morning on the SL Music Festival that myself and the other musicians have been plugging for the past 5 or so months. I’m saddened and disappointed by the news myself…but I’m also in a situation where I’m locked in to going to Vegas Feb 26th-Mar 3rd.

As far as I know…I have a place to stay. So lodging is taken care of. YAY! But…I want to play music for those of you who are in the same position I’m in. I believe some of you already purchased airfare and have lodging booked. I would like to uphold my end of the deal by performing for those of you in Vegas who are locked in to going.

I spoke with Keiko Takamura this morning and she is all for finding a place to play as well.

Here’s some ideas and needs that we have…if you are in the Vegas area and would like to help us out…we would be incredibly grateful.

1. Location location location: One idea was to have a House Concert. Would you or someone you know be willling to host a house concert for  you and some of your friends, work collegues, family…your local government employees…the gas station attendant you see every monday when you get cardboard flavoured coffee that wakes you up for the commute in to work?

It could be BYOB event with potluck hors’ d’euvres…and MUSIC !! Yay!! Would those friends be willing to contribute a little for the entertainment as well?? $5 or so each?

2. Local music store that might be willing to donate: PA System, mics/stands/cords and a keyboard for the day in exchange for a banner to be placed behind the performer or announcing their name on the broadcast stream??

3. Broadband access…a MUST so we can bring this event inworld

4. Camera person to take video of the event and broadcast it to Veodia so we can bring this event Inworld on video too?

Keiko thinks that Ben of MTV might still be willing to come and do the follow up story on her that he was planning to do. So that might be a selling point.

OK! So…who wants to help out??

We really need you…I cannot do this all myself.

I need someone to research locations, research music stores in the area and get me names/phone numbers so I can contact or if you’d like to contact..that would be fine too.

I need to know who would be interested in attending first and foremost. Or would I do better to just go to Vegas and play the nickel slots for 5 days.

Who’s really with me on this? I don’t mind flying solo..because I’m a big girl and have done it before plenty of times…but if you were planning on coming to Vegas and/or are locked in…lets DO IT! SOMETHING…

I await for your responses to this and thank you for listening and understanding.