Crap was kind enough to create a group on Flickr for posting photos from my past two years in SL.

He’s posted some funny photo’s and Claudia Mantis has added some of her beautifully edited pictures.
Hi there,

I have a lot of you who send photo’s to me in Second Life sort of chronicaling our adventures throughout the virtual world. I have played so many places over the past two years. I recently celebrated my 2nd Rezz Day (that’s the day I first created my avatar for those of you reading this who have no idea what a “rezz day” is). Apparently, Jan 29th was my 2nd Rezz Day. The day went with no mention, no attention, no fanfare…in fact…I totally forgot…until yesterday. ahahhaha. I was looking at my SL Profile for something and saw it…and thought…hmmm…two years sure have passed by fast.

Then I proceeded to go through my inventory trying to find photos from my SL Past and Present for that matter. Folks, you must understand something about me…I am as organized as chaotic anarchy. There is no way that I can find and post all the photos that I have in my inventory. I wanted to add a post in my blog here for you all to post your photos of where you have seen my avatar inworld and write a short little blurb about it.

Where was it? When was it? What do you remember about the concerts?

I want your feedback and your participation. Because, it’ll be fun to see the varying faces, costumes, people, sites, and stuff like that. I really hope you readers take part in this. 🙂 I’ll beg if I have too.

I’m going to start by digging up one of my oldest pictures and lets see what I can remember about it…I’ll post it and write a blurb…and lets see what y’all come up with too.

(I’d love to see some artistic creations as well…like Claudia Mantis’ photos. Check out some of her photos by following the link I created for her on my BlogRoll! Superb!)

Here I am at one of my first gigs in SL…At a place called: The Gathering. It is here where I met Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico and got all set up gigging thanks to Wisper Amos, Circe Broom, Frogg/Jaycatt…I came into SL because of Neil Morrison, Russel Eponym, and Mel Cheeky…we were among the first musicians to migrate to SL from the PalTalk Open Mic Chat Rooms. 🙂 Jan 2006.

Here r some recent pics. Need to check my backup for older ones. Heres the first on me flickr page. Can’t remember where it is. Havent been there for a long while.

Check out the hair…I modified it somehow and made it all striped…my hands are also kinda big…and the skin was a freebie I picked up somewhere too. I also believe I was about 8 ft tall too. AND…I obviously didn’t know how to adjust my guitar!!!