HERE IT IS!! (I will be performing on the SL’ang Life Sim today Dec 28th at 12:30pmSLT at their Christmas Party)

A new worldwide publication, SL-centric but paper published and delivered to your address. Its free to subscribe! YAY!

SL’ang Life:

The first magazine on Second Life in printed form is coming soon!

In January 2008 Slang Corp. is going to publish the first issue of  SL’ang Life magazine, which will appear in English and will be delivered to subscribers all over the word by post. The magazine is free of charge and delivery costs! In order to receive a brand new 48-page (A-4 format) issue every month, visit Sl’ang Life’s virtual island and subscribe by filling in a form on                                                     

Sl’ang Life publishers compare the magazine to Newsweek, so it aspires to be opinion shaping press. Its main frame will consist of four major sections: SL life, SL culture and style, SL economy and SL entertainment. There you will find interviews with personalities of the month, current affairs and descriptions of important events and places in SL connected with culture, business and politics as well as music, fashion and travel corners, technical advice, novel in episodes and many other trivia. As Macciej Schumann (CEO) said during the opening ceremony – the aim is to present opinions and comments expressed by avatars and journalists, both from SL and RL, in a wide international perspective.

The first unique issue of Sl’ang Life will have a mere distribution of 10000 copies, ie. 8 times less than expected in the case of further issues. So subscribe now! The early bird catches the worm.