…in Grace Buford’s history of performing at open mic’s occurred last night at Crowley’s of Stonehenge in North Raleigh, NC. Hosted by E.G. Peters and a group of extremely talented musicians, this open mic was chock full of funk, hip hop, rock-n-roll, modern folk rock (by me of course) and incredible times!

Atlanta open mic’s could really learn a lot from this venue. There was a steady rotation of musicians, from an 11-yr old on drums to a grad from Berkelee College of Music 3 generations his senior, a gentleman on bass that used to play with Arrested Development, a Rob Halford lookalike that sang Cocaine Blues and Led Zeppelin, a chicks-with-guitars-fronted band that reminded me of Heart named, Miss Demeanor .

It totally rocked, y’all. And best of all…I was offered a gig at a 40th Birthday party in the area on New Years’ Day. Members of Deep South and Matt Reardon are going to be there playing. The woman’s husband bought 2 of my CDs. (they were incredibly cool) Unfortunately, I’m leaving Raleigh on Saturday, Dec 29th and will be unable to come back on New Years Day for the show. These are the sacrifices a mother makes for her children, folks. An incredible music opportunity I have to turn down because my children are far more important to me. I believe, though, that other opportunities will come if I just keep pressing on and making good choices.

So, if you are a musician in Raleigh…GO TO CROWLEYS OF STONEHENGE…Thursday nights at 10pm! That is by far the VERY best open mic I have ever been too. ATLANTA WAKE UP!