For those of you who actually read this blog…when I do blog…here’s what I’m up too:

After performing consistently in Second Life for almost 2 years now, I am taking a much needed break. This break consists of doing some reading, spending time with my children, planning out the upcoming year, writing, and resting. I do have a few real life shows that are falling in between this break.

Currently, I’m reading the book: Simple Grace: Living a Meaningful Life by author and inspirational speaker, Beth Jannery.  I’m hoping to be joining Beth on some book signings and perform some of my music for those who come to listen. We’ll see where that goes and I’ll definitely keep you all posted on those events should they happen. It’d be great to bring her and her speaking engagements into Second Life onto a sim like Artropolis. My hope is to write some music inspired by her book. So far, I’m stumped but I’ve only been reading it for a few days. I’ve a lot of ideas, but at the moment no piano and I do most of my musical compositions on the piano and then move the pieces to the guitar. If Beth and I are able to plan out some events, they most likely will be in the Washington DC area unless I can wrangle some places to host us here in the Metro ATL. It would be really cool to do an event at a cafe/wine bar like Kavarna or The Red Light Cafe somewhere in midtown or the Decatur area. At any rate, I’m excited about the possibility of collaborating with such an amazing woman.

I’ve been busy this week reading through Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” with my daughter (who loves Shakespeare) and my mom. What we find most amusing is how each time we read a line (supposedly the same character) our accent changes with each turn of phrase. My daughter developed a Scottish accent while reading the part for Beatrice. She admires Beatrice as a strong-willed female character and loves the insults that she hurls with such poise.  Shakespeare was able to convey humor in a unique way and even made insults sound like flattery. It’s something I’ve noticed in the writings of Charlotte and Emily Bronte that they just couldn’t quite capture in their female characters, but I could tell that they indeed tried.

My son is busy doing what boys do best, playing with cars and video games…but he is writing a book.  He is very fascinated with weather and outerspace. I absolutely love to watch him reading through this giant book on the solar system. The book is about as big as he is, but has some beautiful pictures taken from The Hubble Space Telescope. (We visit the previous site frequently as well). My kids are really excited about Christmas, naturally. Having a working musician for a mom means that Christmas at my place will be lean. But, I have always tried to make Christmas more about spending meaningful time together and making the most of what little we have. We are celebrating Christmas on my birthday this year. One of the joys of having a birthday two days before Christmas. Then they return to their fathers’ for the big day. It will be a strange thing for me to wake up Christmas morning and not have my children there and I believe that the sadness of the morning will hit me and maybe I’ll craft some songs from it just to let it all out. (That is why I’m thankful I’m a songwriter. It helps to have an outlet for all the emotions)

I have a few options available to me for the week of Christmas. I’ve been invited to a few places to spend a couple of days. Some folks have adopted me into their family and I may travel there on Christmas day as I assume traffic on the highways  that morning should not be bad at all.  Those of you who know me well, know that I love road trips. Except for the 18-wheelers barreling down the road and sandwiching me between them or riding my bumper. That upsets me and generally, I’ll speed up really fast to get away from them. (Juel remembers that trip from Raleigh to Atlanta all too well as she spent most of the trip leaning into me because of all the big trucks on the road. She’s like me…hates them just as much as I do)

So anyways, I most likely will return to performing on Dec 28th as I have a couple of bookings that day and a couple on Dec 29th. Those of you who subscribe to my Google Calendar should be getting the updates and notifications of when those events are taking place.  Dec 31st I’ll be performing at Kavarna opening up for The Melinda Kingsley Band and there will be others playing that night as well. (I think I might be on first). At any rate, Melinda Kingsley Band is quite outstanding. I saw them at Eddie’s Attic a few weeks ago and they were extremely tight in rhythms and Melinda knows how to write some great hooks. Give her music a listen, I think you’ll agree.

I think I’m done now. Dolmere and Crap, thanks for reading this. And I hope you all have a great holiday season with family and friends.  And maybe…just maybe I’ll pop in for something quite unusual next week. Who knows? You’ll just have to stay tuned.



P.S. Here’s a Picture of the New (used and cheap Takamine G-series) Rutabaga Guitar

the New Rutabaga Guitar