You are cordially invited to a special three day musical celebration on December 14, 15, and 16!
Some of SL’s best -Live- blues, jazz, rock, and classical musicians will be coming together in the Spirit of Giving to benefit those in need worldwide through UNICEF. UNICEF is one of the most respected charity organizations in existence.

First Meta is proud to host and sponsor this very exciting event! Bring your ice skates and dress warmly to share and experience the Spirit of Giving.

100% of proceeds made will go to UNICEF

First Meta will match total donations and all proceeds will go to The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), one of the world’s best-known organizations devoted to the health and welfare of children.


3-4pm – Srv4u Conacher
4-5pm – Hatfield Rickenbacker
5-6pm – DJ Derrick Stewart

2-3pm – Cylindrian Rutabaga
3-4pm – Mankind Tracer
4-5pm – Traxx Arai

2-3pm – Atheene Dodonpa
3-4pm – Sisi and Kahuna Schumann
4-5pm – DJ Midnight Capalini