Well here was some blessed news folks! Due to overwhelming sponsorship support for the Singing Arc Music Festival, the tickets for the event have been reduced to $50.00!!

I thought all two of you who read this….Crap and Dolmere….would be interested in this fact. Also the fact that I really should blog more. What’s my problem??

Just go to http://www.singingarc.com for details on tickets, who’s playing, where, for how long, what the heck is a singing arc anyways, who some of the top sponsors are, where musicians are playing in SL to promote the event, why is this significant for you?? BECAUSE…….

Second Life not only is an incredible tool that can be used for business and pleasure, but its a great way to bridge the gap between communities, races, genres, age differences, talents, abilities, gifts…communities with music as a part of them are vibrant places made up of so many different and interesting people. The Singing Arc Music Festival is a way for your SL Community to gather together in one place for one day to experience in the real world what we experience in SL on a daily basis. Except…instead of giving virtual hugs…you get the real thing which is far greater. Instead of having to type to one another, you can use your voice and speak, watch the other persons facial expressions, get to really know the person behind the avatar. This is a beautiful thing! I am so excited to be able to be a part of it and I truly hope that some of you who have seen me and the others playing our music in SL as a voice behind the avatar will take this opportunity to be entertained for real. Its a WHOLE different experience.

Won’t you come share it with us??

SINGING ARC MUSIC FESTIVAL: March 1, 2008 1pm-12am Rio Hotel and Casino