I just took a visual personality test on Facebook…it got me all wrong. You’re supposed to look at pictures and choose the best one that fits the statement…ie…What is Love? and I chose a picture of two elderly people walking hand in hand down a pathway. I think I look at the pictures they displayed and in my head they were meaning something very different than what came out in the results.
Those of you who know me well…are going to laugh. It’s so wrong. Those of you who don’t know me well…after this post…I think you will.
The Results:

Friends and family are the most important people in your life. You’re good about keeping track of birthdays, people appreciate that you care about them..
**My family knows…I am the WORST about remembering birthdays and gift buying. You know that person in your family that gives the worst gifts? I’m that one. Don’t get me wrong…I adore my family. We don’t see enough of eachother and my sister in law keeps beating me at these facebook games…thanks allison. Anywho…I do care about people, just be ready to rewrap that gift or exchange it after you get it from me. Who hasn’t ever once wanted a Chia Pet…I mean, come on!**

Familiar with all of the latest fashions, you’re willing to make sacrifices in comfort in order to look good. Color coordination is one of your natural talents.
**OMG…this one made me laugh so hard. Familiar with FASHIONS? Are you kidding me?? I’m probably the most unfashionable person out there. Wal-mart and thrift stores are my friends. I have no fashion sense. Just look at my pictures people. Oh geez. How did they come up with that one?? I posted a picture here so you could see how I played at MahoneyFest this past spring. The fall fest was even worse…my hair was braided the whole time. I’m all about comfort people. No shoes, big shirts, baggy pants…although…i love dresses, sundresses that drape…dresses that wrap around the middle…aahh…oh yea comfort. There’s nothin’ more comfy than having the wind lift the skirt on a hot summer day. Color coordination…wrong…brown…tan…black…grey…dark green…brown…brown…and brown…i wear a lot of brown. Even my shoes are brown…my hair is orange…and my clothes are brown. Did i mention brown? I’ll shut up now…you are free to read on.**

First impressions do make a difference and your body is a temple. You make the effort to watch what you eat and work out at least a couple times each week.
**My body is a temple. I love the fact that I’m almost back to my pre-children weight. Yes, I exercise. Yes, I watch what I eat. No, I do not purge. So, I suppose this is a bit more on the rights about me. I enjoy Pilates and using Natural Resistance. I like long walks on the beach barefoot in the surf…almost as much as I like hiking in the north ga mountains. Nothin’ beats a hard hike to only to bask in the spray of a waterfall at the end. I haven’t done that in a number of months. Think I’ll have to remedy that. Anyone care to join me? I love good conversation.**

Alright…so there it is. 1 out of 3 ain’t too shabby. Maybe I should just retake the whole thing. Me…fashionable. HA!

COME TONIGHT TO THE BEAR CAVE IN MARIETTA GA TIX $7.00 9pmEST>>>and you too can see how unfashionable I am up close and personal. 😉

Spring MahoneyFest ’07
would you call this keeping up with the latest fashions or willing to make sacrifices in comfort in order to look good?? color coordination a natural talent?? *ahem*

Fall MahoneyFest ’07
here i am sporting the latest fashions in g-folky wear. the zipper sweater and camo cargo pants with the always in style dirty braided hair. to achieve this look one only has to go to goodwill for the sweater and the junior dept clearance rack at ross, do not shower for 3 days, sit by a campfire in the dirt, and play with cute slobbery dogs. 🙂 *thank goodness this isn’t smell-o-vision*