It’s a really hard thing to put ones self out there for others to see, hear, follow, and scrutinize. As of late I find myself hiding behind my music more than speaking personally. I tend to think that my music speaks for me, but I’ve been getting more and more responses from folks wondering where the real me has been. By that I believe they are meaning, where are the blogs, the personal messages, the communication…ie…social networking.
Most of my communication happens one on one, in e-mails or instant messages or conversations over the phone or in public places. Musicians are supposed to be outgoing and talkative and people people and extroverted 100% and narcissistic…or is that a stereotype?
Honestly, I am a shy and private person. I don’t mean to appear unapproachable or ungrateful. I have a passion for what I do and the best way to say “Thank you for listening” is to give my audience my very best performance…all the time. Even when battling my own self-esteem issues and insecurities which is the whole theme behind my track, “The Demon Song”.
I just want every one of you who takes the time out of their day to visit me on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, My Static Web Page, CD Baby, iTunes, YouTube, SecondLife shows, Cylindrian’s Blog….and whereever else…THANK YOU…it is because of your support and appreciation of what I create that keeps me being able to do the very thing I love to do most.
I am truly blessed to have such tremendous support from all of you and not one moment goes by that I don’t think about that. I’m just sorry I’m not as good at conveying it.
Thank you all for your kinds words, encouragement, support, and for stopping by to even read this blog today.
Have a great week…and don’t forget if you’re in Marietta, GA or nearby tomorrow night (DEC 7th): 9pm at The Bear Cave….see the post under the GRACE BUFORD page for the address.
I’d love to see y’all and be able to meet and greet and take pictures and get all goofy about it.
Take care,