I am so excited about this tuesday, Dec 4th. Because I get to open for Melvin Took!!

He’s been away from SL for a while and is returning tomorrow afternoon to do a set of music at 1pmSLT

I’ll be opening for him at 12:30pmSLT with a 30 minute set of original music.

Melvin is Peter Greenstone in the real world and he is an amazing songwriter, producer, and animator…that’s right he animates things. (He also uses a Mac of which I suffer from extreme Mac-envy over…one fine day I to shall have my own operating system to do only recording on…I’m saving my lindens.)

You can listen to some of his compositions on MacJams.

Join us at the Outdoor Theater on Artropolis: Tuesday December 4th at 12:30pmSLT for an afternoon of music.

**Artropolis is the Art-Centric Sim where Cylindrian Resides with other artists: painters, sculpters, photographers, and musicians Komuso Takagawa, Eyewall Paine, and Juel Resistance. **