Going to VEGAS BABY!!!

More details to follow…for now…check out the website:

What we need:

Sponsors: Sponsors now include: Glass Earth, Inc., Musical Alchemy Inc., AV Puli Animations, STA Travel, and most recently VH1’s Save the Music which we will be collecting donations for….and YOU or your communities that want to have real world as well as virtual world involvement.

Press: Blog about it, write about it, get excited…I’m excited for an opportunity to perform before a real life audience made up of the Second Life residency. Some of the highlights of passed experiences is actually meeting so many that have come to my SL shows. (Trust me…the REAL LIFE shows are even better! I do not have robotic movements in real time…tho i may resemble Animal from the Muppets from time to time.)

Community Involvement: Pulaski Fizz of AV Puli Animations is the organizer of this event….so contact this gentleman with questions about how you too can be involved in the pulling off of this incredible event. We need YOU!

Video and Audio Streaming Hosts: Would you be willing to donate your time and expertise in this? We would like to offer our major inworld sponsors the chance to have both Audio and Video of the Real World and Virtual World concerts side-by-side. Is this possible and who’d like to help us achieve it?

Musicians Involved:

Ankari Holder, Astrin Few, Cylindrian Rutabaga, Dan Octavia, Frogg Marlowe, Juel Resistance, Keiko Takamura, Kyle Beltran, Kafka Dinzeo, Lyndon Heart, Tone Uriza: 11 musicians/11 hours!!

Lots of opportunity for all of us to jam on the various instruments that we know together to back each other up. Looking forward to it in a huge way. If you’d like to get tickets now? Just click the link provided above.

More details to follow: as in…the actual Location in Vegas! woohooooo!!! Where’s my chips? Hope you can plan for this event…it sure would be wonderful to see the SL Live Music Listening Audience show up in FULL-FORCE!!