Tuesday Oct 16th: 2pmPDT: Timeless Spotlight

5pmPDT: The Blarney Stone

Wednesday Oct 17th: 4pmPDT: Ratepoint Cafe

6pmPDT: Oyster Bay

*Jordan Morganrote has written about this event in her blog: http://secondarts.wordpress.com/2007/10/14/wednesday-cylindrian-comes-to-oyster-bay/ *

Thursday Oct 18th: 12pmPDT: Lummerland

Friday-Sunday Oct 19-21stPDT: MahoneyFest Music and Arts Festival

*Watch this video to see footage from the last MahoneyFest: http://www.j3video.com/Mahoneyfest2007

*If I can get a strong enough signal, I will be broadcasting some of the festival. Eyewall Paine in SL (Jeremy Gilchrist in the real world) will be joining us this year along with Brian Wheat: http://myspace.com/brianwheat . So watch the group notices and the google calendar for updates about the weekend. The events will be purely spontaneous with not much notice given but that is part of the FUN!*