Show Updates


Now I don’t see the colors. For a week now I have been suffering through seeing Blue, Red, and  Green “fog” around avatars and objects. It has been INCREDIBLY annoying and the only way I could get rid of it was to turn all particles off. This was effecting my SL experience because I like particles. But not RED<BLUE<GREEN trails coming off everything. Its like an acid trip gone bad.

At any rate, I have researched and found out the problem. I had messed around in the CLIENT menu and apparently selected SHOW UPDATES. According to the Knowledge Base in the Support Center: “The update indicators show you when packet data is being utilized — typically, when an object makes an update to the world. “

So now you know what I know. DO NOT SELECT SHOW UPDATES in the Client menu…or you too will be incredibly annoyed by the colors.  (This took me ages to figure out how to even search for the solution to the problem…I kept wanting to call it a beacon and its NOT a beacon…I finally typed in “Blue Red Green” and this brought up the solution. )

Phew…what a relief.


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