I am horrid at this stuff.

Honestly, I really try but I can’t seem to keep up with all the various social networks out there.

Latest  news,

Cylindrian LIVE From The Grotto is in process. It will be a limited edition fully downloaded MP3 release. The recordings are taken from my performance at The Lost Grotto in Second Life. Currently, I am working on graphics and mastering of the tracks. These songs will be sold to help subsidize my trip to Boston Oct 24th-30th. Once I have offset the costs of travel, the songs will be removed and no longer available in that format.

Of course, I could be persuaded to release them again on a future date should the demand be there for them.

I hope to have them ready for release by Sunday Sept 30th.

Lets see if I can meet my own deadline, eh?  Have a great one and I’ll chat with you all very soon….or when I get the wild hair to blog again.

**I really need an assistant**