Slim Warrior-electronicadiva extraordinare has started a new forum to discuss issues relating to the SL Music Community. There was a great discussion that was started at SLCC 2007 regarding Music in SL and how to manage it best. I have my own ideas about how Venues should be run in SL, but so far only one venue has really taken my idea and begun to run with it and its the new Venue at Stockton run by my friend and artist, Fingers Scintilla.

At any rate, Slim is very passionate, as are a lot of us in the music community, about having venue owners, musicians, and listeners all work together to create a vibrant place for music in Second Life. Pathfinder Linden has set up an e-mail ring that deals with the topics at hand, but I have found it very difficult to follow the discussions. So this forum will act as an extension of Pathfinders idea. Breaking it down into Headers focusing on certain topics of discussion.

Thank you to Slim for this hard work and I look forward to following the conversations.