My good friend and fellow SL musician (and RL Atlanta neighbor), Spence Wilder, had told me about this place called, Greenies. I actually saw a blog about it from Barney Boomslang, but every time I tried to go to the sim it was down. At any rate, I DID manage to get to the sim and spend a bit of time there wandering around…here are some pictures from that adventure and my ultimate conversion.

Care for a bit o' bud?

Get yer hands off my Bud…and my remote!!

Powered Turnips….don’t they mean…Powered Rutabaga’s??

Blasting off into space on a bottle rocket…stop trying to look up my skirt!!!

OH NO!!! I drank the magic potion and look what happened to me!! AAAHHH!!

*Definitely a FUN place to visit…Greenies…click the link for the SLurl!*