Thank you, Thor Eldrich, for putting my new site together and for securing the domain for me. You are such an asset to me and I really appreciate all you do. It was so wonderful to meet you and I loved the THOR costume at the Masquerade Ball!

That being said, now I have another way in which to communicate with people…hooray!! Oh no…this really means more work for me to maintain another site….ACK!!! It’s all good tho’! Be sure to visit: when you get a chance. Also the new cd, RIVER, is available for purchase!!! HOORAY!!! CD Baby should have the CD processed and ready to go by Friday, Aug 31st. I sold many copies at the convention and that was so GREAT!!! Also, shirts and other merchandise are available on CAFE PRESS.
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Post Second Life Convention: I had the most marvelous time meeting up with people that I’d only known in avatar form for the past year and a half. Having the opportunity to REALLY hug some necks and not pixels was so much more satisfying. The Hilton was a gorgeous hotel and the piano in the main lobby was so much fun to play. I will be posting my pics on Flickr very soon and will update this post with a link to it.