I’m spending the day going over my checklist of things I need to cram into my duffel bag for the flight to Chicago tomorrow morning. I am even more excited about this years’ SLCC than last year…because I might actually know who some of the people at the conference are.  That’s always a good thing…to know who’s going and run down the checklist of people that you can’t wait to meet.

One of the most exciting events for me this year, is the fact that I get to spend time playing music with other musicians. THAT…is the most thrilling for me. In SL, I don’t have a whole lot of time to get to a lot of shows…they are few and far between, simply due to my own schedule of RL and SL performances and of course the importance of my family. It has left me quite a bit detached from a lot of personal relationships  in SL the past few months.

To those of you who IM me and wait patiently for me to catch up to you…I really do appreciate being communicated with…its just hard to get to everything and most all of my IMs are business related which requires opening up Master Google and consulting with him in regards to scheduling/bookings….as I have double booked myself recently and that didn’t go over very well at all.

So, SLCC and me…goals:

1. Arrive safely- that would be really good…to take off in Atlanta and land in Chicago

2. Not get lost in Chicago-until I have a map…those of you who know me…I am NEVER lost…I merely explore at length till I recognize something

3. Meet: lots of ppl

4. Play: lots of music

5. Meet with a Consultant to Advise me on Hiring a PR Manager to manage a street team  (I need someone to be my Jerry Maguire…not only for SL but RL as well.)

6. Take pictures of myself in the city re-creating Ferris Beuhler scenes…The Sears Tower, The Art Museum, wonder if I can get someone to put on a parade so I can sing, “Shake It Up Baby…Twist & Shout”

I am very excited about this trip. Can’t wait to get there!

It will be a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. Who says work can’t be fun, eh?

Kitty O’shea’s Thursday Night…Ham Ramblers’ throwin’ down a parteee. We gotta be there!!

See you in Chicago!!