The Brock Scott Quartet won the Madness! They were really outstanding…and one musician described their music as “skipping through a field of wildflowers”. Stop by their MySpace page and give them a listen when you have a chance.

Some of the other artists that were a part of the competition and their MySpace links are below:

Sanjay Kothari

Sean Kagalis

Meghan Coffee

Erica Ambrose

The Last Aurora

Nathan Beaver

Lindsay Appel *corrected web address*


The Spencer Durham Group

There were so many that stood out to me that played…but these will get you started in seeing the kind of music and talent we have in the Atlanta Area.

Here are also some links to Creative Loafing Articles on the competition:

Creative Loafing Wrap Up

Article about the competition

The attendance this year was not as good as in previous years…and I know one problem I had with getting people out to Atlanta was the fact that it took place on the first week of school for most children in the state of Georgia. I know a lot of the musicians are parents of school age children, like me. Thanks to my family for being so supportive of me and helping with my kids all week. They were fabulous!

Again, win or lose, the Open Mic Madness was an incredible experience, even if the judges felt the soloists were lackluster…i cannot even begin to imagine how many musicians they get to see in the course of their careers and they have a right to be really picky…that’s why they are judges. What they cannot take away from the musicians, is the personal experience that each one received. The opportunity to network and listen to eachother, support each other, and grow the music community.

It was very cool. And I’m not about to put on some false rockstar ego…when I’m not even close to a rockstar…I was just happy to be able to be a part of it…and I put my all into it, that’s for sure…and loved every moment of it. I may have a lot to learn still in networking, marketing, producing, songwriting, mastering instruments and arranging songs, stage presence, performing, etc…but its something I am passionate about…and live for moments that I can use as learning experiences…that includes failure. 😀

Ok…enough of that…I’m outta here…you readers of this blog, be sure to visit those sites and give the music a listen…its all fab!