Yes, its 2:25am…yes, I am still awake…I just returned home from a last ditch effort to get my kids remaining school supplies after advancing to Round 2 of the Open Mic Madness Competition at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta. Special thanks to Cessee Hedges for staying up EXTRA late.

The competition was really amazing and will be even more fierce on Wednesday Aug 15th when I am paired with an incredible guitarist and songwriter who goes by the name, Leaf. She was brilliant in her song about making changes. I look forward to hearing her next performance.

For those of you who are local to Atlanta, Ga…I implore you to come out in support of the woman behind the avatar…who incidentally is me…Grace Buford. Leaf and I will be in a head-to-head…or rather, guitar-to-guitar competition which is slotted to take place at 9:05. (tonight they were running about an hour behind schedule, my slot was 11:45…I didn’t even take the stage till almost 1am. eeek!)

To learn more about Open Mic Madness visit the website by clicking the link:

I look forward to seeing some of you locals there…tickets are$8.00 at the door and you cast your vote for who you like as well…in case the judges tie, the audiences votes are the determining factor in the win.
Please come to Smith’s Olde Bar on Wednesday Aug 15th before 9:00pm to see me perform. I REALLY REALLY need you!
Thanks so much….pinch me…because I still think I’m dreaming…I’m totally blown away by this…I really didn’t expect to advance at all…so you can imagine my feelings right now…aside from exhaustion. Take care all…and THANK YOU for being so supportive of the woman behind the avatar.