This was outstanding yesterday. I just happened to log in to Second Life about midway through Jaynine’s performance. It was the grand opening of the Eldrich-Broom Concert Hall on Ratepoint Island.

Secondlife Newspaper wrote an article on this event.

eldrich-broom concert hall

Jaynine’s explanations about the different composers that she sang from were very entertaining and quite enjoyable. She sang the aria’s not at complete voice either as it was very late in Germany and she didn’t want to disturb her neighbors. Even still, her voice was enchanting and she sang with such passion. I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday along with the many avatars present.

Jaynine Scarborough enjoying the show

As you can soee from the pictures, the Eldrich-Broom Concert Hall has surpassed any upscale concert hall I have seen in Second Life. Please come by Ratepoint Island to see this beautiful place.