Well, yesterday marked the end of an era for Cylindrian Rutabaga….I played my last show at Galveston. Due to scheduling conflicts between my real life and Galveston’s full schedule we were unable to reach a point of agreement.

It’s been an amazing 7 months performing on the sims and watching the landscape change….and meeting some really great people.  Watching many of my friends in the SL Music Community come and perform regularly there…ahh…the good old days when Link Pippen treated me like royalty by taking me for rides in the carriage. (i have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.) In Second Life, this has been the longest standing weekly gig I’ve ever had.  This was a great opportunity to watch the development of a business inside SL and I wish Link, Atom Burma, and the staff of Galveston.com&company the best on their endeavors within Second Life. Thank you for the chance to be a part of the Galveston Community.

**Galveston offers music and events on its sims all through out the week, so be sure to keep tabs on the happenings there by visiting: http://galveston.com/secondlife