Galveston Island/Isle, which is fast becoming entertainment mecca of Second Life, is inundated with talent coming through its pixelated doors. Last Monday the Band, Grensgeval from Belgium/Netherlands played the sim. Check them out: http://WWW.GRENSGEVAL.BE

Their website is really amazing and their music was quite entertaining.

So, I’ve been playing Galveston since March, when Flaming Moe, Anakin Gallacher, Ankari Holder, and Bill and Pam Havercamp were the only musicians on the island. But they were just starting out…and now have grown to host close to 40 musicians and bands and dj’s to perform on the islands.  The set up is really creative, with the click of a button the whole stage set up of Seawolf Park changes to fit the event. Atom Burhma did the building and design. Galveston in SL is brought to you by, and Company .

I perform at Galveston on Monday Afternoons at 1pmSLT.

Ratepoint Cafe is where I perform alternate Wednesdays and Fridays.  It is a nice little cafe that is sponsored by . Ratepoint brings in musicians and singers every tuesday through saturday at 4pmSLT. They only do one show a night, so the audience isn’t wiped out and the hostess, Circe Broom, can get to her other job hosting shows at her places on Laurel. Ratepoint has taken over the whole rating avatars process. The ability to rate used to be a selection on the pie chart in Second Life…NOW…we have ratepoint.

Lastly but not leastly, Avilion Isle….all I can say about this place is its an incredible build, very fantastical, and its residents are among the nicest group of people I have ever met in Second Life. They are very interesting too, with their costumes and some have pointy ears…i think I suffer from ear envy…I can’t get my ears that pointy. One thing about Avilion is their sense of community. They have a number of events that are organized and run by the residents under the watchful eye of Malakh Giles and Serenity Seiyes…the Lord and Lady of the Forest.  I perform on the Valinor Stage every 2nd and 4th Sunday.

Again…no pictures…because me and photobucket are not getting along.  I think my bucket has overflowed….at any rate…i just thought i’d blog to let everyone know where they can regularly find me in Second Life…tho’, joining the spam group would be easy to do as well.

Thanks so much for listening. 😀  See you around the meta-world.