This was a really a fun show and so well put together. I (the woman behind the veggie) have never been on a television program before…how amusing that my avatard was on one first…virtually. Kinda’ cool, I thinks it be. Paisley was a great conversationalist and I kept getting distracted by her accent…ooooh…the aussie accent is so cool! But the whole crew was so great and it was just a lot of fun to learn blocking avatar-style….too bad cylindrian doesn’t sweat when she’s nervous…now THAT would’ve been so realistic.

Here’s the Link to the recorded version of the show: Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe

Circe Broom and Haroldthe Burrel were on the program as well and that was really neat…Harold’s been a friend of mine for over a year and is been a HUGE organizer of Non-Profit events in Second Life most notably his work with Relay for Life and Circe was the woman who provided the first stream I ever broadcast on…that was so cool to be on the show. I felt like I’ve been on Leno now…anyone want a virtual autograph? Come on…you know you want one. Where’s my Rutabaga Tattoo??? hmmm??? Least I didnt’ trip and fall on my avatard face…cause that would be embarrassing.

I was nervous tho’…if you listen to the recording…I got all clammy and was like…um…uh…errp. Maybe I’d be the same way on Good Day Atlanta on Fox 5…IF I ever get booked on that…I suppose I have to really do something special to get on that show…because being a virtual musician just doesn’t impress the real life tv morning shows…no matter how many e-mails I send them. (could be my approach to the e-mails tho…maybe i need e-mail etiquette lessons)

My friend, Dolmere Talamasca, blogger extraordinaire…posted a blog that pretty much sums up the whole thing…so because I am so lazy that I cannot even blog on my own blog I have to refer my blog to other people’s blogs so they do all the work for me and all I have to do is generate a URL link…so here it is:

Dolmere’s ultra-mega blog of the Tonight Live Show

Thanks Dolmere for letting me ride your coattails.